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CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)

PR System One CPAP Auto

System One is one new intelligent package designed to intelligently deliver precisely what you need to manage your patients – and your practice – in today’s homecare environment. It has better humidification management to prevent rainout and water damage. The system’s resistance control enables pressure delivery optimization through simple settings. More intelligently, System One identifies complicated and changing conditions that may indicate the potential need for specialized therapy. Beyond anything previously possible, this new system is the true definition of intelligent therapy.

Bipap S/T Auto Bi-Level

The updated Philip Respironics Bipap S/T ventilatory support system delivers NIV therapy by way of a smaller, lighter, and quieter platform, with improved humidification to add to patient comfort. Bipap S/T incorporates Respironics’ advanced technologies such as Digital Auto-Trak Sensitivity that detects the onset of inspiration and exhalation and has the ability to recognize and compensate for leaks. This technology, together with its adjustable RiseTime and integrated alarms, enables Bipap S/T to provide the best possible patient care.

Curasa Auto CPAP

Curasa Auto CPAP from Curative Medical presents a compact, quiet Sleep Apnea home therapy device with advanced breathing detection and monitoring options. The Curasa Auto CPAP uses progressive algorithms to monitor the patient's breathing, distinguishing snoring, apnea episodes, hypopnea (significantly slow breathing) and flow limitation. Once problems are detected, the Curasa Auto CPAP provides the patient with extra reliance and comfort by lowering or increasing the air pressure, automatically.

Floton BiLevel ST Ventilator with ATT

Floton BiLevel ST Ventilator with ATT is a compact, light, and quiet Bipap system that is using advanced Adaptive Triggering Technology (ATT) designed to effortlessly synchronize with the natural breathing of the patient. Its Advanced Leak Calculation Algorithm monitors the different stages of the respiration cycle and reduces Work of Breathing while providing the patient with effective and comfortable treatment.


REMstar® M Series
Nasal Mask raises the standard of comfort and convenience to deliver the right fit. From its new two-position gel spacer to its reshaped membrane-thin silicone cushion and all-new "silent" exhalation port, it's more than a mask you can live with - it's where comfort lives.

MSeries Plus
MSeries Auto with A-Flex
BiPAP Auto Mseries  




BiPAP® Synchrony

The BiPAP® Synchrony provides more natural and comfortable noninvasive ventilation specifically for COPD patients and others suffering from respiratory insufficiency. ALS or neuromuscular patients may also benefit from the therapy provided by Synchrony.

Synchrony can be adapted to meet a patient's needs by offering flexibility in treatment options. The unit can be upgraded from Spontaneous Mode (S) to a version with Spontaneous/Timed Mode (S/T). For greater flexibility, the unit has continuous positive airway pressure, Timed- and Pressure-Control Modes.

Digital Auto-Trak Sensitivity has enhanced leak compensation to allow for better matching of the patient's breathing pattern. Vent Ramp and RiseTimeT also aid in the delivery of comfortable ventilation. Features a broad pressure range of 4 to 30 cm H2O and the ability to collect patient therapy, compliance and machine data using an optional built-in modem. Traveling is easy with the Synchrony, as it is DC capable and weighs only six pounds.















BiPAP® Harmony

The BiPAP Harmony has been designed to provide efficient and comfortable non invasive ventilation for non dependant chronic respiratory insufficiency patients, such as sleep apnea patients, COPD, obese hypoventilation and some restrictive diseases.

Like the BiPAP Synchrony, the BiPAP Harmony provides Respironics advanced technology Digital Auto-TRAK Sensitivity, providing automatically optimized trigger setting even in case of changes in leaks and patient respiratory mechanics.

Vent Ramp and RiseTime also aid in the delivery of comfortable ventilation.