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Digital Auto-Trak™ Sensitivity


Inside and out, the entire Flex Family of pressure relief technologies relies on two Respironics innovations: Digital Auto-Trak Sensitivity and the M Series sleep systems. Digital Auto-Trak, the brains behind all of our Flex Family pressure relief technologies, is a highly sensitive algorithm that detects the onset of inspiration and expiration – even in the presence of mask leaks. Being able to track, react and respond to each and every breath makes it possible for C-Flex, A-Flex and Bi-Flex to deliver the right pressure relief at the right moment.

Digital Auto-Trak has the ability to recognize and compensate for unintentional and intentional leaks in the system, and to automatically adjust its variable trigger and cycle thresholds to maintain optimum performance in the presence of leaks. No manual adjustments are required.

The Digital Auto-Trak components are all active concurrently. The machine reacts to the first component that detects a change, providing maximum sensitivity.